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Laptop's back to normal

I've been meaning to post this, but RL got busy and I was reveling in it.

Basically, I finally got my laptop to work again on Saturday, though I had to get rid of most of the data while saving a select few on a flash drive I bought. So far, I've reinstalled TS4 and AoW3 (TS2 can wait). Anyway, expect some Hodgins updates on my Tumblr soon.

Laptop woes

I first thought the problem would go away in a few days with a few things I've done, but it seemed to take longer than I expected that I felt compelled to post it here.

My laptop has been acting up lately. Every time I turn it on, it shows the BSOD. I tried Startup Repair to get it fixed, but so far no go. Tried going to Safe Mode, and it gets stuck before it finishes scanning files and give me more options. Tried System Restore, but none of the restore options were successful due to the 0x8000ffff error. Tried other methods, and they all failed. Gah!

I managed to backup my Sims 2 and 4 games (including snapshots from the latter) and AOW3 (which I've been playing a lot lately) before the BSOD fiasco, but I also want to retrieve my Sims 2 stuff, though I have the future updates backed up already.


The Sims 4: The Hodgins Legacy

In case anyone's not following me on Tumblr, I've been playing a legacy on TS4 and having fun with it despite its difficulty at first. I'm currently posting my updates as picspams in Tumblr.

Edit: I also have a family tree of the legacy. You can view it here.

Generation 1: Ian

Generation 2: Kimberly

Generation 3: Laryssa

Generation 4: Alistair


Took me too long to get this out. I blame school for being busy and other games (particularly Tropico 4 and 5) for being so addictive. Anyway, the most important thing is that Chapter 4 is finally up and running. As always, click the image to take you to the story.

 photo Chapter4cover_zps9bacab59.png

If you're a new reader and want to start from the beginning, there's a link to the chapter index at the sidebar.


Gaggle of Cities Part 7

Is it update time already? You bet it is!

If you’re new to this or you missed an update, I suggest reading the previous update(s) in order to get a glimpse of what’s going on.
Part 1|Part 2|Part 3|Part 4|Part 5|Part 6|Part 7

Warning: nudity in one picture

[Credits for imported sims]Many thanks go to Thai/crimml for the loan of his simself.

Long update up aheadCollapse )


Gaggle of Cities: A WYDC

I've been meaning to do this for some time, but only now do I finally do it. In case anyone's curious, this is a side project meant to be a fun break from anything that's a hassle for me in general.

Part 1: College
Part 2: A-B
Part 3: C-D
Part 4: E
Part 5: F-G
Part 6: H
Part 7: I-J
Part 8: K-L

If anyone's curious where I'm at, here's the breakdown of the kids (and their respective fathers in parentheses):
[They are all named after cities]
Alexandria (Forest Fossey - husband)

Bandung (Owen Hendrix - zombie)
Copenhagen (Aaron Wilder - college student)
Dubai (genie)
Essen (Cody - bigfoot)
Fez (Javier McKellan - slob)
Georgetown (Pollination Technician+husband)
Havana (Alexander Spencer - bartender)
Istanbul (Forest Fossey - husband due to ACR)
Jeddah (Gregor Contrary - plantsim)
Kingston (Luke Lynch - Mr. Big)
Lisbon (simThai - simself of crimml)


Gaggle of Cities Part 7

*clears dust*
So, it’s been ages since I’ve last updated my WYDC, but with so many things going on with me, I put this on an unannounced hiatus of sorts. Nevertheless, the WYDC lives on, and I’m determined to document it. Thanks to keika20’s WYDC, I really miss playing mine. Thanks for giving me the desire to get back to this challenge, Keika!
As a side note, I’ve played this challenge way ahead of the documenting, so bear with me as I try to remember what happened during these times.

If you’re new to this or you missed an update, I suggest reading the previous update(s) in order to get a glimpse of what’s going on.
Part 1|Part 2|Part 3|Part 4|Part 5|Part 6

My, how time flies by.Collapse )


Just a quick post that I'm off to Singapore with my family for the rest of the week, so I won't have access to any of my games until I come back. I know there's the issue with the plane that just crashed into the sea, but I'm not letting it scare me or my family.

Wish me luck, and have a Happy New Year! :)


Problems with staging objects

I got into the mood to stage last week, and this is what happened:

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Myshuno! 2014 Drabble 4: Dancing for Love

Title: Dancing for Love
Characters: an unspecified character from a future generation
Prompt: Giving someone the cold shoulder – silverbelle1220
Story: Standing the Test of Time
Rating: PG
Word Count: 554
Notes: This piece takes place in a future generation, so details might be altered in canon.

Giving someone the cold shoulderCollapse )